Police find woman’s body in a sack at Dhaka’s Bhatara

The body of one woman who was tied in a sack Dhaka's Bhatara neighborhood this morning.

Legs and hands of an unidentified woman who was around 30 years old were tied together. The body began to decay, Sajedur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Bhatara Police Station, told The Daily Star.

The sack was found close to the market for kitchens in the Dhalibari the Dhalibari area. Based on information, police went to the scene and discovered the body inside the sack at around 11:45 am He said.

The Crime Scene section of the Criminal Investigation Department collected evidence directly from the scene. The fingerprints of the suspect were analyzed to be compared with national databases to verify her identity, the OC stated.

The police suspect that she was murdered elsewhere, and her body was dumped late at night.

The body was taken the Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue to be autopsied.

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